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News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Specialist – Programming in C#

Vitoshacademy is proud to announce that its owner, is now a Microsoft Specialist in Programming in C#, exam 70-483. So, after MTA and MCP, this is the new certificate in the collection. The exam was tough, indeed and this is

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VBA – Resolving C# competition problem with VBA and Excel

Today I have decided to resolve one of the competition problem of the C# basics exam of the SoftUni (www.softuni.bg) with Excel. I have shown how I have resolved a similar problem in C#, where you should have drawn a glass

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Java – Exam – Congate Words

Some time ago, to be more honest last Sunday, I participated at some Java exam again. The results were not something to boast, quite on the contrary, but I did not have a lot of time to prepare 🙂 The

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Java – Exam – Couples Frequency

In the last java articles I have solved (or commented) the exam problems, given at the Java exam at the SoftUni. I have started with the easiest tasks (in my opinion) and I have gradually came to the toughest ones.

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