Month: January 2016

MZ Tools for VBA – Software Review

I still remember when I first saw VBA some 4 years ago. I was already an experienced Excel user, and I really felt strange – I thought that I was losing so many hours and days with things that I

jQuery Events – Trigger vs TriggerHandler

Let’s start from the very beginning in jQuery. Somewhere in the beginning there are events and buttons. So, I will start from there, explaining how to Trigger events and what is the difference between trigger and triggerHandler. Trigger triggers the event completely

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jQuery Mobile – Make a simple mobile web site

Building web sites is for at least 20 years a thing. Even I am able to build one, using WordPress without some advanced IT skills. Lately, I was into jQuery and thus I found something really meaningful and well written

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Book review – Custom SharePoint Solutions with HTML and JavaScript

About two months ago I have started to read three JavaScript related books – Custom SharePoint Solutions, Learn Pixi.JS and JS Frameworks for modern Dev, kindly presented to me by for a review. Now, it is time to write the review of

VBA – Draw with Excel – Competiton Challenge

At the beginning of January 2015, the Software University has decided to carry out an IT Olympiad. The competition problems and their solutions in C# are available here. In this article, I will present a way to resolve the second problem

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jQuery – Selector of a button with JavaScript

Today I have dealt again with JS, while reading some of the JS related books that I have to review 🙂 Thus, I have asked myself how many ways are there to make a button selector with JS/jQuery. After some

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VBA – How to use “like” in VBA

Working with VBA has its beauty. Especially when you need to build something like regex and you do not want to import a whole library for some reason, that is known only by you. Then you start googling and you

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Book Review – JavaScript – Frameworks for Modern WebDev

Some time ago, probably before one and a half months I have received the book JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev from the publisher Apress.Com for a review, upon a request of my site. The reason to ask for the book

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JavaScript – Create Ul and LI elements with JS (With chained function)

When you code in JS, there is always some time that you need to create some html list with JS from array or list or something else. I knew the trivial way with a simple for loop, but when I put myself

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JavaScript – Writing simple prototypes JS

JavaScript is really an interesting language – the more you code / learn it, the better it comes and the more interesting it turns out to be. I will preset a simple way of using prototypes with JS. Pretty much, if

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