Month: December 2015

JavaScript – Some code for inheritance in JavaScript

The last month I am writing mainly small pieces of code for JavaScript, because I think I start to like the language somehow (and I took 3 books for review in JS and so far I have only reviewed one).

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JavaScript – How to make a module in JS

Making a module in JS is kind of interesting. Especially, if you expect something like a class like in VBA or C#. Well, it has nothing to do with it, it is just a function, assigned to a variable. In

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JavaScript – Some ways to build functions in JavaScript

There are plenty of ways to make functions in JS. However, the nicest ones are to assign the function to a variable and to call the variable. Why this is the nicest one? Well, probably because I cannot make something

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JS – Run Java Script in Sublime Text

Imagine that you are just a guy, interested in JS and your favourite text editor is Sublime Text. You need to find a way to code better, while learning and to display the results in the console of Sublime Text

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MSSQL – Export data from SQL Server to Excel with VBA

So, after importing data to SQL Server from Excel now it is time for the reversing policy. Actually, much of the code was available in the Microsoft site here, but still, it was not all that I needed. I wanted to make

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MSSQL – Import data from Excel to SQL Server with VBA

Let’s imagine the following situation. You work in a small company, where one excel spreadsheet is used by many users locally. But you still want to see some kind of track of the results in a collected option. E.g. some information,

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JS – Drop and display a file to a html

Javascript has a powerful event and DOM objects, that enable anyone to do fancy things with it. Today I have thought of writing a todo list in *.txt file and adding it to a *.htm file with javaScript. Something like this:

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JavaScript Sort Dictionary. Display Cookies.

So, the last few weeks I am putting some attention towards JavaScript, as far as it is really an interesting language, making some things fun. Furthermore, thus I am preparing better for the Book Reviews from, which have kindly

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JS – OOP in JS, made simple

JavaScript seems to be the language for me for December. Although I am really working with VBA only, JS has really a lot to show. Thus, today I will simply write some easy OOP samples, that I can use later

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JS – Another To Do App

There is something about these todo apps. Probably the reason that I put so much attention on them is that they are the easiest to be built and you may always try something new on them. This is probably the

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JS – Another simple js game with counters and click events

Recently I have started to read a little more about JS, in order to make the reviews of some JS books. Thus, this December would be JS December (or at least the first part of it! 🙂 ). So, lets

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Book Review – Learn PIXI.JS

So, let the review begin 🙂 Pixi.JS is a rather small IT book of 200 pages, which you may read quite quickly, if you do not make the examples from the test code. However, this is an IT book, thus you

PIXI JS – Make a small game hitting boxes

So, as I have mentioned some time ago, I have started to read the book Learn Pixi.js, nicely provided to me from for a review. It is an interesting book and one of its best part is that its code is

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Maths – VAT Calculation Formula

If your VAT is 20% and you want to calculate how much VAT should you pay for 100 EUR: (0.2*100)/(1+0.2) = 16.67 EUR This is how to calculate how much is the sum without VAT of 100 EUR with VAT:

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