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Book Review – Dashboards for Excel

One month ago I have announced that I have obtained the book Dashboards for Excel for a review. Now, I have read most of the book (without the parts for Excel 2013 at the end) and I am able to

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MZ Tools for VBA – Software Review

I still remember when I first saw VBA some 4 years ago. I was already an experienced Excel user, and I really felt strange – I thought that I was losing so many hours and days with things that I

Book review – Custom SharePoint Solutions with HTML and JavaScript

About two months ago I have started to read three JavaScript related books – Custom SharePoint Solutions, Learn Pixi.JS and JS Frameworks for modern Dev, kindly presented to me by for a review. Now, it is time to write the review of

Book Review – JavaScript – Frameworks for Modern WebDev

Some time ago, probably before one and a half months I have received the book JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev from the publisher Apress.Com for a review, upon a request of my site. The reason to ask for the book

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Book Review – Learn PIXI.JS

So, let the review begin 🙂 Pixi.JS is a rather small IT book of 200 pages, which you may read quite quickly, if you do not make the examples from the test code. However, this is an IT book, thus you

Book Review – Learn Pixi.js – Coming Soon

Another book review is coming soon! To be honest, I do not have any professional experience with JS (being paid for it), but I somehow liked the idea of getting into the PIXI.JS graphics-rendering engine. So far I have already

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Book Review – Python Algorithms

Some month ago, I have kindly received two books from for a review. The first one was for Python Data Analytics, which I have already reviewed and the second once was Python Algorithms. Before starting the review, let me

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Book Review – Python Data Analytics

After some days spent with the book Python Data Analytics, which was kindly provided to me by Apress for a review, now its time to make it. So, the book is named “Python Data Analytics” and it provides exactly what

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Review – 11 incredible Excel conditional Formatting Tricks, Excel Shortcuts, 7 Genius ways of using Advance Filter

Today I have received something, that at first looked as a spam e-mail, but for some reason the spam filter has not caught it. Then I took a second look at it and I have noticed, that it was from

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Review – Wing IDE

Some two weeks ago, I was coding in Python with Notepad++ as a text editor and I was getting really tired, because the program was not running the way I wanted it and I had to print a lot of

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Book Review – Excel VBA 24-Hours Trainer

Some days ago, I have received the book Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer for a review, upon a request from my site. After all, as far as it has all started with VBA for me, I am always interested in the latest trends on

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Books – Free IT book from Pack Publishing Every day

Packt Publishing, one of the publishing houses, which kindly provides me books for reviews and personal needs, has decided to present anyone with a different free e-book every day. This means, that if you go to this link, every day,

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Book Review – Web Coding Bible

This week I have read the book Web Coding Bible, kindly provided to me by Mr. Chong Lip Phang for a review 🙂 If you want to have your book reviewed by me, mail me at review[at]vitoshacademy[dot]com.   The book consists

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Video course Review – Excel VBA: How to Write Like a Professional

Some time ago, I was asked to review an Excel VBA video course. As far as VBA is my first language, I am always interested to see what new is in the market 🙂 The course is available here: So, let’s

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Book Review – The Python Workbook

This weekend I have managed to finish the online version of the book “The Python Workbook”, kindly provided to me by Springer. The book provides you with 174 exercises, which can make you an advanced beginner (if this term exists)

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Book Review – Advanced Techniques for Lightning Fast Sorts and Searches

The book Power-Up Using Excel VBA Sorts and Searches: Advanced Techniques for Lightning Fast Sorts and Searches by Rich Locus presents VBA code, that can be used for Searches and Sorts. The idea behind the book is to present the commands VLookup, Match

Book Review – Python Programming Fundamentals

This weekend I have managed to finish the online version of the book “Python Programming Fundamentals”, kindly provided to me by Springer.   In general, I have almost no experience with Python, so I have read the book with the eyes

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Book Review – Excel Macro Mastery

The book Excel Macro Mastery is an excellent book for non-programmers, willing to learn VBA. Indeed, it is written in simple English, following the 80/20 rule of Paretto in Excel, or as the author says, 99.9% of the time you

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Book Review – Excel VBA: for Non-Programmers (Programming in Everyday Language)

The current article reviews a VBA book for MS Excel. First things first – I am not sure what should be done to pursue the non-IT people, that VBA is not something difficult and every hour you spend, trying to

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Book Review – Advanced Quantitative Finance with C++

Today, I have finally found some time to finish the reading of Advanced Quantitative Finance with C++, a book provided to me kindly by Packt Publishing.   So, what the book says? Pretty much, it uses C++ for mathematical modelling. The

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Book Review – HTML5 Games Development by Example

At the beginning of August I have started to read the book HTML5 Games Development by Example, provided to me kindly by Packt Publishing. The book tells us exactly what is written at the title – it shows you how to

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Book Review – Learning Android Intents

During the last few weekends I was busy reading the book “Learning Android Intents“. As far as I am kind of developer with NO Android dev. experience, the book was interesting for me, due to the fact that it is

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Expected Book Review – Learning Android Intents

This week I have finally bought a smart phone 😀 Thus, I will start reading the book “Learning Android Intents”, so you can expect its review in two or three weeks!

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Book Review – Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook – An excellent Cookbook with Great Recipes

In the last 3 weeks I have read the Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook and I was quite satisfied with the experience. Click on the book to go to its site in So, what this book has to offer to a

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Book Review – Pro WPF 4.5 in C# – A detailed introduction into WPF

In the last 2 weeks I have read the first 6 chapters of the book “Pro WPF 4.5 in C#” from Matthew MacDonald. Click on the book to go to its site in The experience, reading these chapters was

Book Review – Excel Data Analysis – Modeling and Simulation – A book, which shows you how to analyze data with Excel!

I know, that the title of the article seems a little tautological, but this is the truth – this is a data analysis book, written with passion. It is real keeper for Data Analysts, who are working all day long with

Book Review – C# in Depth, 3rd Edition – Free Code

This is the second C# book, to which I am writing a review. So far I have read the first 100 pages of the book and I have obtained an idea about it. It is definitely not for beginners with less

Book Review – Introduction to Programming with C# – Free Book!

This is the first book, which would be reviewed on the site It is probably the best free programming book (as far as I have never heard of another free programming book) for C#. About 1000 of junior Bulgarian

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