Month: January 2015

VBA – Building a C# class task with VBA

As I have already mentioned in some articles here and there, in order to find something valuable and interesting to blog about, I convert tasks from C# into VBA. The C# task from the SoftUni looked like this: Define a class

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Book Review – Excel Macro Mastery

The book Excel Macro Mastery is an excellent book for non-programmers, willing to learn VBA. Indeed, it is written in simple English, following the 80/20 rule of Paretto in Excel, or as the author says, 99.9% of the time you

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VBA – Excel – building a custom formula for C# competition exam

For quite some time I have decided to solve some of the C# competition exams of the SoftUni in Excel. The problem for today is called Cheat Sheet and you may find the description here. Long story short, you have to

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Simple Excel – Usage of column names for formulas

In the current article, I show why it is convenient to use the Format as Table option in Excel. Pretty much, it enables a new feature – you may refer to the cells in it not by an address, but with the

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VBA – Resolving C# competition problem with VBA and Excel (2)

After the previous two articles, in which I have resolved two C# competition problems of the SoftUni, located here and here I have decided to resolve a new one. Pretty much, it turns out that it is really possible to

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VBA – Excel – Bulls and Cows with Excel formula

In the previous article here I made a custom formula, building a plane in Excel. The idea for the article was inspired from the SoftUni entrance exam. Today I have done something similar – I found a challenge, where one was asked

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VBA – Resolving C# competition problem with VBA and Excel

Today I have decided to resolve one of the competition problem of the C# basics exam of the SoftUni ( with Excel. I have shown how I have resolved a similar problem in C#, where you should have drawn a glass

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VBA – Function to write the divisors of a number

Yesterday I wrote an article for an Excel function, checking whether a specified number is prime or not. Today I tought that it would be somehow a good idea to modify this function, in a way to check the number and

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VBA – Function in Excel to check prime numbers

Prime Numbers Excel Function Prime numbers are numbers, divisible by themselves. In the current example I simply made an Excel VBA function telling us whether a number is prime or not. It works as a charm 🙂 Check the prime numbers between

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VBA – Generate custom search engine with Excel

MS Excel has a pretty good search option – you have probably used the Ctrl+F option a lot. Anyway, in the current article I will show you how to generate your own Search Engine. Why would you need it? Because