Month: September 2015

jQuery – DOM – InsertBefore, PrependTo and other examples

So I have tried to learn a little about jQuery and its DOM functions and this is what I have managed to do today – an example with “insertBefore”, “prependTo”, “insertAfter” and “appendTo”. Pretty much that is what the example

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PHP – JQuery – MySQL – Make a simple drop down menu

After the simple ToDo list here, I have decided to add more features to it. So, a possible feature, looks like this – you have a drop down menu with all the users in the database: Then, after a selection,

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PHP – Build a HTML Table From any Query

As far as I am putting some efforts towards PHP and understanding why it is so hated by programmers all around, I have decided that the results from the queries should be always easily displayed in an HTML table. A

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PHP – Make a simple To Do list with PHP

Some two days ago I have decided that it would be more fun if I try to make a simple PHP todo list, while trying to learn the language. 🙂 After all, I have made this exercise with JS (no

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PHP – Simple guessing game

Indeed simple. These are the rules (from a homework of the SoftUni): Implement a “Guess Number Game” in PHP. Keep the secret number in the user’s session and indicate “Up” or “Down” after each guess. At the start page of

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VBA – A Search Algorithm with VBA – Teil Zwei

After the article here I have started to think more over the search algorithm and I have decided to make it look better and work better. E.g., by using the fact, that the distance between the diagonals neighbours is 1.4 times

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VBA – A* search algorithm with Excel – Really?

Today, some hours ago I saw the implementation of the A* search algorithm with Java, made by a classmate (or colleague) of mine. It looks like this:   Thus, I have thought that for the reading of the Python Algorithm book,

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Book Review – Python Data Analytics

After some days spent with the book Python Data Analytics, which was kindly provided to me by Apress for a review, now its time to make it. So, the book is named “Python Data Analytics” and it provides exactly what

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VBA Library Creation

The idea of the VBA library is to systematize the most used self-written functions everyone is using in his daily coding life into a few modules, which may be used by anyone, who is coding for his daily bread and

PHP – Static landing page with .htaccess

Have you ever thought how the web server acts in case that you enter an address, which does not exist? In many sites (including this one), you go to a fancy 404 page. This linking to that special page is

Book Review – Python Algorithms – Coming soon

In the next two – three weeks I will become back a master in Python. This is the second book received from Apress for the last week and I would really do my best to write a good review of it. Expect a review

JQuery – fadeIn(), slideToggle(), slideUp(), animate()

While I am on the JQuery subject, with the previous article for the table game, I have decided to enrich it a little. 🙂 Thus, adding some nice animation functions for JQuery – fadeIn(); slideToggle(); slideUp, animate() and their back

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JQuery Strange Game – A way to tease yourself with JQuery events

The idea here is to try to start the YouTube clip, which is embedded in the light blue square, just bellow the jelly fish. I am using mouseout, mousemove and click events with JQuery to illustrate their way of working.

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Book Review – Python Data Analytics – Coming soon

A new book review is coming in the next weeks – I have noticed the Python books of Apress some time ago and today I was provided with a paper copy for a review.   The review is yet to come!

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JQuery – Select First, Last, Nth, Second Children

Ever wondering how to select children in JQuery? No? Then skip to the next article. My case is the following – I present a div with divs, and I try to select its children, changing the borders and the background.

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JQuery – Randomize Anything – Random Numbers with Random Colors

Some years ago, while I was writing my master thesis (I have two of them in two different languages), I remember that I was told that I should write something that is not written before and I should convince the reader

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PHP – Inheritance and Overload in a Class

Have you ever dreamt to understand the inheritance and the overload from once 5 minute example? No such dreams? Anyway, in case you ever tend to think about it, here is the example with PHP. Let’s imagine that we have

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PHP – Make Iterator with PHP Class

PHP and iterators… Violin and boxing… Anyway, it is possible and the possibility is since some years ago. In this article I will simply show how to make an iterator with a PHP class. And I would iterate in a

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PHP – class with functions

After some time with JS and Python, this week I have decided to continue with PHP. So, let’s see how you can make a class with a function in PHP. My class would be called Investment, with 3 public variables

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