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Python – Who follows you at GitHub?

Who follows you? Who follows your followers? And who follows the followers of your followers? And what about the next level? These are pretty interesting question actually. With easy answers, if you are interested only in GitHub. The GitHub team have provided

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Python – ABC analysis for linguists

Some time ago, like a year or so, I have written an article for ABC analysis for linguists for C#. Today, I have decided to do it for Python, just for fun and to check whether the 80/20 rule is valid.

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Python – Add data to external files and get JSON data from files

initially, the idea of the article was to write four lines of code, doing the following 2 tasks: uploading data to a given file getting JSON data from file and using it in an application However, as soon as I started, I

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Python – A little bit about lists and operations with them

Python’s lists are powerful. Especially, if you come from the VBA world its like switching to a new car after years of using the old red Ikarus. Thus, I have decided to write a small article about them, just to be

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Python – Calculate magic square with python

A magic square is an arrangement of the numbers from 1 to N^2 (N-squared) in an NxN matrix, with each number occurring exactly once, and such that the sum of the entries of any row, any column, or any main

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Python – Reduce file path problem (with string slicing and list comprehension)

Some time ago I have started to learn Python. Today, I will present a way to solve the problem “Reduce file path”. The problem is the following – you are given a string and you should reduce it to a meaningful

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Python – Matrix calculation – Problem

This week I have started to study Python a little more into detail in the courses of HackBulgaria. After end of the second day, the last problem was considered worthy for blogging, as far as it took me about an

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Ubuntu – A few useful terminal commands

In the current article, I will present a few useful commands, for the Linux(Ubuntu) terminal. The article is going to be updated constatly with new entries:) Here they come: General Python Related Java Script and Git related

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Book Review – The Python Workbook

This weekend I have managed to finish the online version of the book “The Python Workbook”, kindly provided to me by Springer. The book provides you with 174 exercises, which can make you an advanced beginner (if this term exists)

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