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Python – Encryption and Decryption of a message

This month I have finished with my Python course in HackBulgaria, thus I have decided to continue with a course, called Algorithms.  The course had a requirement of three tasks, which should be resolved in a reasonable time. The first one

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Python Algorithms – Stable Matching Problem

  Some time ago I started to interest myself in algorithms. Thus, I bought 2 books about them and I started to read 🙂 The first problem in the first book was explaining the Stable Matching Problem. The essence of the problem is

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Python Django – How to add css to django application

So, some time ago I have started to create apps in Django with Python. It is really fun and amazing, what one can achieve with this package 🙂 E.g., I have generated a small app, counting words and analyzing their repeatability,

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Python – Send e-mails with Python

Sending e-mail through the internet is quite a trivial trick in many programming languages. Some time ago, I have shown how to send MS Excel range as an e-mail and how to send a mail through VBA, with HTML. As far

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Python – SQL Alchemy or plain SQL ?

Using SQL in Python reminded me of the “fun” I used to have in VBA MS Access, when I had to concatenate strings in VBA. Probably I was not the only one having “fun” and enjoying it, thus some good and

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Python / Sqlite3 – Make a DB with Python

Some time ago, I have built something like a primitive SQL language for C# here. Today, I have worked on a similar task, checking the powers of Sqlite3 with Python. This time it was not that primitive and the results were better

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Python – Crawling the top 50 sites from Bulgaria for their servers

Have you ever wondered on what servers the top 50 most visited Bulgarian sites run? That is definitely an interesting question, if you are Bulgarian IT admin and you have pretty much free time 🙂 Anyway, as far as I am

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Python – Who follows you at GitHub?

Who follows you? Who follows your followers? And who follows the followers of your followers? And what about the next level? These are pretty interesting question actually. With easy answers, if you are interested only in GitHub. The GitHub team have provided

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Python – ABC analysis for linguists

Some time ago, like a year or so, I have written an article for ABC analysis for linguists for C#. Today, I have decided to do it for Python, just for fun and to check whether the 80/20 rule is valid.

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Python – Add data to external files and get JSON data from files

initially, the idea of the article was to write four lines of code, doing the following 2 tasks: uploading data to a given file getting JSON data from file and using it in an application However, as soon as I started, I

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Python – A little bit about lists and operations with them

Python’s lists are powerful. Especially, if you come from the VBA world its like switching to a new car after years of using the old red Ikarus. Thus, I have decided to write a small article about them, just to be

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Python – Calculate magic square with python

A magic square is an arrangement of the numbers from 1 to N^2 (N-squared) in an NxN matrix, with each number occurring exactly once, and such that the sum of the entries of any row, any column, or any main

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Python – Reduce file path problem (with string slicing and list comprehension)

Some time ago I have started to learn Python. Today, I will present a way to solve the problem “Reduce file path”. The problem is the following – you are given a string and you should reduce it to a meaningful

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Python – Matrix calculation – Problem

This week I have started to study Python a little more into detail in the courses of HackBulgaria. After end of the second day, the last problem was considered worthy for blogging, as far as it took me about an

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Book Review – The Python Workbook

This weekend I have managed to finish the online version of the book “The Python Workbook”, kindly provided to me by Springer. The book provides you with 174 exercises, which can make you an advanced beginner (if this term exists)

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Book Review – Python Programming Fundamentals

This weekend I have managed to finish the online version of the book “Python Programming Fundamentals”, kindly provided to me by Springer.   In general, I have almost no experience with Python, so I have read the book with the eyes

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